Middle Aged Man Walking

So simple — yet it took a pandemic to get me started.

As someone who usually is physically active and playing sport three or four times a week, it has been very frustrating to have my wings clipped by the pandemic.

But there has been an upside.


On my own. With my family. Fast (thanks to one peloton) power walks or slower rambles.

It is a chance to clear my head of the negativity and stress that thinks it has a license to come and stay whenever it wants.

Calls thanks to my handsfree headphones. Listening to audiobooks & podcasts. Or whatever I can hear on my route. Birds chirping (not something I had noticed a lot in my part of London) or the dogs chasing after each other (lockdown cannot be much fun for animals either).

Focusing on the straightforward — body alignment, ground striking, breathing would not have seemed that exciting a year ago, but that has changed. Having said this, I think chiropodists are going to be busy when allowed to reopen in the spring.

I’m passionate about issues relating to depression — particularly in middle-aged men (primarily because I am one). The benefits of meeting up in a group and taking a walk and TALKING cannot be under-estimated.

I know I’m not alone and have had multiple conversations with men in midlife who feel the same. Some have groups they meet up with (when allowed), and some go out on their own. All have a clear intention to continue as the world starts to reopen.

I’m going to keep it going and would love to hear more about your favorite lockdown walks — be it a park, beachfront, or somewhere more unlikely.

Photo by Andreas Dress on Unsplash