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Fifty used to be considered old – it isn’t! With more of us than ever living to 100, it is very likely only halfway. Biological age has never been less relevant.

Older adults have needs to meet, and money to spend yet are rarely the focus of brands. That is where I can help.

Your older consumers expect you to recognise and value them, not ignore them.

How I Can Help You?

I’m Julian, a Marketing Consultant who specialises in helping businesses in understanding and targeting the ever-growing over 50s population.

In 2019 there were 12.4 million adults 65 and over in the UK (source ONS). Can you and your business afford to miss a growing and valuable consumer segment?

Please call 07775 523745 to learn more or click here to email me.

Julian Harcourt

Julian Harcourt

Managing Director

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It all starts with a review of what you are doing currently.

How are you doing already? I’ll look at your current activity and review what you are doing currently and highlight opportunities for change. Older adults aren’t all the same, and age alone is a poor proxy.

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Professional and efficient Team Training.

Training that helps you and your team understand older consumers better. What to avoid, and what will help prepare you to enter/maximise the opportunity in this rapidly growing demographic.

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Providing recurring or project based solutions.

Would you like help executing your activity? I can work with an existing team, find the right people/agencies to support or roll my sleeves up and make it happen.

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As an “experienced” marketeer, I can also work as a fractional Head of Marketing. If you’d like access to an experienced professional but don’t want the full-time expense, I can provide that solution. Helping develop team members? Want to free time to allow you to focus on other priorities? I can help.

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