Surviving COVID

I had COVID-19 last March. Not for the first time in my life, I was an early adopter.

My case was fortunate, with no hospitalization or severe breathing difficulties — instead, three weeks in bed with very low energy.

My wife showed signs just before me (and back then, the details were sketchy along with limited testing availability), but it didn’t stop her from carrying on with her hectic routine. We believed it was a mild case of seasonal flu/a a winter bug.

I got an early heads up on the case care of my whoop band, the data of which suggested something was up even if I wasn’t yet feeling unwell. And sure enough, after a few days, it hit me — three days of feeling terrible.

I then perked up — to the point I thought it was fine, and it was just a “normal” seasonal bug. Then the relapse and Two weeks of feeling very unwell- not able to get out of bed sick. No appetite, hard to drink, and hot/cold flashes.

My recovery was robust, thankfully — after three weeks, the power was switched back on, and I slowly recovered. I haven’t had any long covid symptoms. My path back has been pretty intense; my summer fitness levels were as high as anything I can remember.

What have I learned from this experience?

Life happens to us in the most curious ways; I feel like I swerved one with my experience. It messed things up for me and my business in the most frustrating way. Just as I was getting going as a freelancer, I was incapacitated, having to pause conversations and projects I had live. All of which then stopped as the pandemic raged whilst in my sickbed, providing another level of very unwelcome stress.

Whatever life throws at us, we can and do find ways to cope.

The upside to this story and the reason I have shared this a year is that I’m on my way to donate convalescent plasma today. Nearly a year after having Covid, I am a High Titre (very high level of antibodies) donor, so my contributions can make a difference to others in a worse spot than I found myself in March 2020.

So, If you think you can donate, please do consider it. The thought that my donation might help someone who has/is suffering feel better or even help save a life is fantastic and a huge motivator to overcome my fear of needles! It has also helped me move on from a challenging period in my life and appreciate my relative fortune.

Photo by Julian Harcourt from Pexels